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    • Our blog has moved

      Posted by Minister on March 7, 2015

      We are now hosting our blog here – Please bookmark it and read it there.

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    • church could be like THIS

      Posted by Minister on September 6, 2014

      So I’m back in the U.K. and heading to Leeds – WHY? I hear you ask – well for one simple reason to visit Harehills Lane Baptist Church – WHERE? I hear you say – Harehills Lane Baptist Church in Leeds, the church where Graeme Dodds is a minister – WHO? you might say – […]

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    • church should come with COFFEE

      Posted by Minister on September 1, 2014

      So it is almost time to leave B’more and the U.S. but before I leave there is one last thing to do – another Bible Study. (Anyone would think I was religious!) At some unearthly hour of the morning the minds behind #BreakingBread hold a Bible study in a coffee shop. It only seems fitting […]

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    • church should be ONLINE

      Posted by Minister on August 30, 2014

      At the outset I wish to pour out extravagant praise for my wonderful host Meredith Gould. Her sacrifice of time, spirit and knowledge was above and beyond generous and I cannot thank her enough. Meredith you are a blessing to so many; an angel with a Doctorate; the Queen of Twitter and the fairy godmother […]

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    • church isn’t a DENOMINATION

      Posted by Minister on August 28, 2014

      Baltimore – where the “Star Spangled Banner” was written is a nice place. That’s about as effusive I wish to be about this small but strangely charming city. Again though, like Denver and certain parts of Houston, it’s the people that make the place special and I mean extra special. Wandering the centre city of […]

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    • churches should be ARMED!

      Posted by Minister on August 27, 2014

      (with the sound suppressed, semi-automatic pistol of the Spirit. Yours for under $2,000)   I will draw my Texas blog to a close – in its own way Texas was as brilliant as Denver. Where Denver was hands on, feet dirty, get in there and do it Texas was very different. And I expected it […]

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    • church is for EVERYONE (even little green kids)

      Posted by Minister on August 20, 2014

      Well I’m still in Texas (I’m not but the blog is, so stick with me, I’ve only got one more after this blog from here), and I’m feeling like a big kid. Why???? I’m on my way to NASA! Anyone born in the late sixties or early seventies will have a special place in their […]

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    • church is EVERYWHERE!

      Posted by Minister on August 15, 2014

        Warm winds blowing, Heating blue sky, And a road that goes forever, I’m going to Texas. Chris Rea   I left Denver reluctantly, (it really is a great place and I learnt so much and saw so much). I began my trip to Texas. And I’ll be honest I had no idea what to […]

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    • church IS people

      Posted by Minister on August 11, 2014

      You might have guessed by now that I really liked Denver. The city is meh but the people are WOW! To finish the Denver part of this blog and this trip I want you to meet 2 more folks. Vivian and Lotti.   This is Vivian. I went back to City Park on Sunday morning […]

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    • If you can judge a wise man….

      Posted by Minister on August 11, 2014

      “If you can judge a wise man but the colour of his skin, Then mister you’re a better man than I.”   Are you a casual racist?   I am. I don’t mean to be but I am. I came across these pictures the other day and they made me think…. (click on them and […]

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